Alder -Your Page

Birth Dates – March 18th to April 14th

Alder – Your Tree

Letter – F

Old Irish/Gaelic – Fearn – from fern meaning “Alder tree”. The village of Fearn in Ross and Cromarty, Scottish Highland is so named.

Key Words – ‘a shield‘, guidance, confidence, ‘the Sage‘ ..

Elements – Water and Fire

Celtic Deity – Bran – otherwise known as Bendigeidfran was the ancient Guardian of Britain, brother of Manannan and son of Llyr. He was said to own a magical cauldron which could revive the slain but leave them unable to speak. He was mortally wounded in battle whilst trying to save his sister Branwen, so gave orders for his head to be cut off and taken to the White Mount in London so that he could continue to protect Britain. Bran is associated with prophecy, music and singing – the patron God of poets and bards.

Animal – Fox

Bird – Gull

Plant – Comfrey

Colours – Purple and Red

Crystal – Amethyst

Planet – Mars