Your ‘Tree Sign’

Here you will find your own personal ‘Tree sign’ page with lots of ‘corresponding’ information and ‘related’ items of interest! 🌳🐝🌸

As of March 2021, I am starting with the ‘bare bones’ – ‘Your Tree’ with its corresponding birth dates, key-words, Celtic Deity, animal, bird, plant, crystal and other information connected with Ogham .. πŸ’š

Once I have done this for all of the ‘Tree Signs’ I then intend to update the pages regularly with items on folklore, conservation, news, ancient mythology, Celtic spirituality, music, books and gifts – all ‘personalised’ and in relation to ‘your Tree’ πŸ˜‰πŸŒ³πŸŒ²

If you don’t yet know your ‘Tree Sign’ just go to ‘The Tree Calendar’ to match your birth date to one of the 14 Trees and then select ‘your Tree’ from the sub-menu in this section ..πŸ’–

Btightest Blessings! 🌟