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Birth Date – 23rd December *

Pine – Tree Info

Letter – A

Old Irish/Gaelic – Ailm – etymology uncertain, the ‘Word Oghams’ refer to the sound of the letter “a” rather than the meaning of Ailm. Separate from the Ogham manuscripts, a poem, “King Henry and the Hermit” has the line: caine ailmi ardom-peitet which translates as: “Beautiful are the Pines which make music for me” but this single reference is probably more influenced by later medieval tradition than as an independent source.

Key Wordspurification, elation, experiences ..

Element – Fire

Celtic Deity – Druantia – Ancient Breton goddess, known as the ‘Queen of the Druids’ and thought to be the ‘Mother of the Celtic Tree Calendar’. Associated with ‘trees, passion, knowledge and protection’ she was also thought to be the Queen of the ‘dryads’ – the ‘nature spirits’ of the trees.

Animal – Phoenix

Bird – Lapwing

Plant – Mistletoe

Colour – Gold

Crystal – Gold/Amber

Planet – Sun

*According to Robert Graves’ calendar, 23rd December is not ruled by any tree for it is the day of the proverbial ‘Year and a Day’ in the earliest courts of law. I have chosen to attribute Ailm (Pine/Fir) as this was the correspondence I learned for Yule in my Ogham studies.