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Birth Dates – February 18th to March 17th

Ash – Tree Info

Letter – N

Old Irish/Gaelic – Nuinn – possibly derives from nin/ninach meaning “fork/forked” and “loft/lofty”. These in turn connect to weavers beams which were both ‘forked’ and held aloft as ‘signs of peace’, they were also said to be made from Ash wood.

Key Wordschange, order, harmony, balance ..

Element – Air

Celtic Deity – Manannan – otherwise known as Manannan Mac Llyr and Manawydan Mac Llyr is an ancient Celtic God, son of the Sea God Lyr and brother to Bran. He is also second husband to Rhiannon after the death of her first husband Pwyll. The Isle of Man is named after him and he was also said to be ‘protector’ of the Isle of Arran. He is associated with travel, fairy mounds, horses (‘white horses’ on the waves), magic and ‘the Crane Bag’. His many famous magical weapons included a “mantle of invisibility’.

Animal – Adder

Bird – Snipe

Plant – Ivy

Colour – White

Crystal – Turquoise

Planet – The Whole Universe