Hazel – Your Page

Birth Dates – August 5th to September 1st

Hazel – Tree Info

Letter – C

Old Irish/Gaelic – Coll – meaning “Hazel-tree”.

Key Words wisdom, inspiration, divination ..

Elements – Air and Water

Celtic Deity – Oenghus,Manannan and Brighid – Oenghus (or Aengus) was one of the Tuatha de Danaan, a mythological and supernatural Irish race, the son of the Dagda and Boann, he was associated with love, youth, summertime and poetic inspiration. His name possibly derives from the Proto-Celtic meaning “true vigour” and he was also known as Mac Ind Oic from whom we have one set of the Word Oghams ..as well as being the brother of Oghma an Cermait. He plays a central role in no less than five ancient Irish myths and is described variously as an ‘expert in arms’, horseman and sailor in addition to his qualities described above. All information here and more is from Wikipedia. Manannan – otherwise known as Manannan Mac Llyr and Manawydan Mac Llyr is an ancient Celtic God, son of the Sea God Lyr and brother to Bran. He is also second husband to Rhiannon after the death of her first husband Pwyll. The Isle of Man is named after him and he was also said to be ‘protector’ of the Isle of Arran. He is associated with travel, fairy mounds, horses (‘white horses’ on the waves), magic and ‘the Crane Bag’. His many famous magical weapons included a “mantle of invisibility’. Brighid, otherwise known as Bride, Brede and Brigit – her name means “power”, “renoun” and possibly “fiery arrow” – was one of the most important Goddesses in Ireland – a daughter of the Dagda. She later became Christianised into Saint Brigid and her cult centre at Kildare (which means “Church of the Oak”) became a centre of Christian worship – “now open to all faiths and none”- https://solasbhride.ie/ Brighid is associated with healing, inspiration, sacred fires, the Sun, the hearth and home, poetry, health and crafts, her festival, known as Imbolc, is celebrated on 1st/2nd February.

Animal – Salmon

Bird – Crane

Plant – Clover

Colours – Brown and Orange

Crystal – Pearl/Topaz

Planet – Mercury