Rowan – Your Page

Birth Dates – January 21st to February 17th

Rowan – Tree Info

Letter – L

Old Irish/Gaelic – Luis – either from luise ‘flame’ or lus ‘herb’ and possibly relates to Rowan’s bright berries.

Key Words magic, inspiration, protection ..

Celtic Deities – Rhiannon and Brighid – Rhiannon or Rigatona is an ancient Celtic (Welsh, Cornish, British, Gaulish) Goddess whose name means “Great Queen”, she is said to appear riding on a pale horse. Her consort is Pwyll and her son Pryderi, she is associated with magic, enchantment, justice, dreams, the moon and knowledge. Brighid, otherwise known as Bride, Brede and Brigit – her name means “power”, “renoun” and possibly “fiery arrow” – was one of the most important Goddesses in Ireland – a daughter of the Dagda. She later became Christianised into Saint Brigid and her cult centre at Kildare (which means “Church of the Oak”) became a centre of Christian worship – “now open to all faiths and none”- Brighid is associated with healing, inspiration, sacred fires, the Sun, the hearth and home, poetry, health and crafts, her festival, known as Imbolc, is celebrated on 1st/2nd February.

Element – Earth

Animal – Dragon/Unicorn/White Mare

Bird – Duck

Plant – Vervain

Colours – Green and Red

Crystal – Bluestone

Planet – Sun