Hawthorn – Your Page

Birth Dates – May 13th to June 9th

Hawthorn – Tree Info esp. Common and Midland Hawthorn

Letter – H

Old Irish/Gaelic – Huathe – original etymology unclear but has been identified as “horror, fear” and connected with ‘white-thorn’ (hawthorn) in the old manuscripts relating to Ogham.

Key Wordsobstacles, obstructions, beingheld back‘ ..

Element – Air

Celtic Deity – Olwen – an ancient Welsh Sun Goddess, her name means “Golden Wheel”. She was the daughter of the giant, Yspaddaden who set her suitor Culhwch a series of incredibly difficult tasks in order to win her hand – this because he was doomed to die if his daughter were to marry. Culhwch was eventually the successful one and wed Olwen after gaining the help of King Arthur.

Animal – Goat

Bird – Raven

Plant – Beech

Colours – Deep Blue and Purple

Crystal – Lapis Lazuli/Sodalite

Planets – Mars and venus