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Birth Dates – October 28th to November 24th

Broom – Tree Info

Letter – NG

Old Irish/Gaelic – Ngetal – from nGeadal/Ngeadal and possibly meaning “wounding”. The original phonetic value was (gw) which later became (g), with medieval manuscript writers assigning it with the Latin (ng) .. hence the current unetymological spelling of this Ogham letter name. In the Word Oghams of Morann Mac Main and Oenghus, Ngetal is assigned as Broom, which is known as the “Robe of Physicians” and so connects with the healing of battle wounds.

Key Wordshealing, cleansing, strength ..

Element – Water

Celtic Deity – Cernunnos and Manannan – Cernunnos was one of the great Celtic ‘Father Gods’, known as ‘the horned one’, he was a god of ‘nature and fertility’. His name is actually Greek, his Celtic name long lost but thought to be Cherne/Cerne or ‘Herne the Hunter’. He is depicted as sitting in the ‘lotus position’, holding snakes, with antlers on his head and a torc around his neck and is often associated with Pan. He was a god of ‘abundance, animals, physical love, warriors and woods’. Manannan – otherwise known as Manannan Mac Llyr and Manawydan Mac Llyr is an ancient Celtic God, son of the Sea God Lyr and brother to Bran. He is also second husband to Rhiannon after the death of her first husband Pwyll. The Isle of Man is named after him and he was also said to be ‘protector’ of the Isle of Arran. He is associated with travel, fairy mounds, horses (‘white horses’ on the waves), magic and ‘the Crane Bag’. His many famous magical weapons included a “mantle of invisibility’.

Animal – Dog

Bird – Goose

Plant – Bramble

Colour – Green

Crystal – Aquamarine

Planets – Pluto and the Moon