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Birth Dates – July 18th to August 4th

Holly – Tree Info

Old Irish/Gaelic – Tinne – meaning “ingot” or “iron bar” which had connections with the forging of weapons and the axles in wheel-making. Holly was considered to be one of the best woods to burn in the forges as it gave off a great heat and made excellent charcoal too. Teine in Scots Gaelic means “fire”.

Letter – T

Element – Earth

Key Wordschallenge, defence, spiritual testing ..

Celtic Deity – Lugh/Llew – Lugh, otherwise known as Lugos, is an ancient Irish (and Gaulic) ‘Sun God’- one of the chief gods of the Tuatha de Danaan – there are more sacred sites dedicated to him than any other other ancient Celtic deity. His name translates as ‘shining one’ and his feast day is the harvest festival of Lughnasadh, which is still celebrated in Ireland and also by modern pagans, on 1st August. Similar to the Norse god Odin, he had one eye, a special spear and was accompanied by ravens. He is also associated with fire, metallurgy, crafts, poetry, warfare and bardic knowledge. Places named after him are: Lyon in France, Carlisle in England and Lothian in Scotland. Llew is thought to be the Welsh aspect of Lugh, the son of Arianrhod and Gwydion, his mother not only refused to name him, but also to arm him and cursed him to never have a human wife. His uncle Math came to his rescue naming him ‘Llew Llaw Gyffes’ which means “Llew of the steady hand” and created a wife for him from flowers, Blodeuedd, who unfortnunately went on to betray him.

Animal – War-Horse

Bird – Starling

Plant – Woad

Crystal – Ruby/Bloodstone

Colours – Dark Grey and Blood Red

Planets – Mars and Saturn