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Birth Dates – June 10th to July 17th

Oak – Tree Info esp. Common and Sessile Oak

Letter – D

Old Irish/Gaelic – Duir – from dair and the early Old Irish daur meaning “Oak”. The Proto-Indo-European root is doru (“tree”) which possibly derives from deru meaning “hard, firm, strong, solid”. Related English words are “endure, durable, Druid, truth and tryst” See deru

Key Wordsstrength, endurance, nobility, protection ..

Element – Earth

Celtic Deities – the Dagda, Esus andTaranis – the Dagda is an important ancient Irish god, one of the Tuatha De Danaan, a mythological and supernatural race. He was a father-figure, King and Druid who was associated with fertility, agriculture, manliness, strength, magic and wisdom. He was also said to be able to control life and death, time, the seasons, weather and crops. He is usually described as being a large bearded man or giant who wears a magic cloak – he was also said to own a magic staff or mace with which he could kill using one end and ‘bring to life’ using the other, a magic cauldron which never ran empty and a magic harp with which he could control mens’ emotions and the seasons. He is said to dwell at Newgrange and his children include Aenghus, Brigit, Cermait and Midir. _ All the information here (and more) can be found on Wikipedia . Esus is an ancient God of Brittany in France who connects with a myth, almost lost in the ‘mists of time’, which tells of the punishments for felling trees. Like the Norse Odin and the Christian Jesus he died by being ‘hung on a tree’ and stories about Esus were later Christianised and attributed to Jesus which meant that the original myth was lost. Taranis was an ancient Celtic god of thunder, worshipped in ancient Gaul, Gallaecia,i Britain and Ireland – as well as the Rhineland and Danube regions in what is now modern-day Germany. Along with Esus and another god Toutatis, (as part of a sacred triad), he was mentioned in the epic poem Pharsalia by the Roman poet Lucan as being a deity to whom human sacrifices were made. Taranis was represented as a bearded god with a thunderbolt in one hand and a wheel (as was Cyclops Brontes “thunder” in Greek mythology) in the other, as has been shown in the many figurines and artwork recovered from Gaul where the deity became syncretised with Jupiter. As with the Dagda, all of this information and more can be found on Wikipedia.

Animal – Bull

Bird – Wren

Plant – Mistletoe

Colours – Black and White

Crystal – Diamond

Planet – Jupiter