Nuts for Knowledge!

Today we come into the ‘month’ of Hazel according to the Robert Graves’ ‘tree calendar’ .. 🌜🌳

You may already be familiar with the ancient Irish Celtic myth about the ‘Salmon of Knowledge’ – the magic fish who lived in the otherworldly ‘Well of Wisdom’.  Nine hazel trees were said to have grown around the well, from which dropped nine hazelnuts – the Salmon eagerly gobbled them up and thus gained all the knowledge of the World ..only to then became the brain food for Fionn mac Cumhaill!  🌰🌰🌰🌰🌰🌰🌰🌰🌰🐟 …..😋

Well it was actually supposed to be for his teacher Finn Eces – if only he’d done his own cooking! 🤭

You can read the whole story here ..

Ask About Ireland ~ The Salmon of Knowledge

River Boyne, Ireland

Interestingly a search on the net for the ‘top 10 brain foods’ will show you that oily fish such as (wild) salmon near enough tops the list every time  ..with nuts of all kinds not much further behind – this due to the essential fatty acids such as Omega 3 contained in these foods 🌞

Hazel trees often grow near water and water is associated with ‘intuitive knowledge’ which probably explains why hazel wood is a favourite choice for dowsing rods 🍃

The number 9 in numerology symbolises (among other things) ‘universal understanding’ and is considered to be a sacred and magical number in many ancient and modern traditions ✨

 Here is a website which gives an extensive insight into the number 9 ..

Library of Halexandria ~ Nines

… so definitely some food for thought there! 🧐

Most of us get our hazelnuts via (not so healthy) biscuits, cakes and chocolates – praline being a particular favourite .. just thinking of that big green triangle 😋   Otherwise Christmas is probably the only time that some of us will eat them in their raw form .. when the walnuts, brazils and almonds have gone 😌 ..

Christmas is still a long way off but with my Swiss Father-in-Law celebrating his 90th birthday next week I thought it would be nice to make mention of this traditional Swiss cake which originates in his home canton of Berne 🇨🇭🎂🎉

It’s called ‘Haselnusslebkuchen’ which literally means ‘hazelnut ginger cake’ though cinnamon rather than ginger seems to be used in the recipe.  You may be wondering why a bear on top of a Christmas cake? 🐻  Well that is because he is Berne’s heraldic animal, its mascot and possible namesake, though Santa Claus is sometimes piped in his place 🧑🏼‍🎄

You can read all about this world famous product here on Wikipedia – I’ll try to obtain a recipe for it to post on site for you just before Christmas, in the meantime enjoy the rest of the summer Folks!


Kim x

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