An Australian Alternative for Hawthorn/Huathe

Featured Image above by Wouterhagens

Hello and welcome to the 6th (lunar) month of the year on our ‘Celtic Tree Calendar’ .. which actually began on Saturday 13th of this month and ends on June 9th .. my apologies for being a few days late.. 😉

Back in 2011 I compiled an ‘alternative Ogham’ for the followers in Australia, this I named ‘An Antipodean Ogham’ which I intend to publish again on this new website in the very near future.

When selecting which trees to include I first searched for the Australian ‘equivalents’ and found a fair few…and though some of them are related ‘in name only’ they have obviously been named so for their close resemblance to their northern hemispherical counterparts.

For those remaining I searched for species within the same families and again found more ‘equivalents’  such as ‘Native Grape’ and ‘Gorse Bitter Pea’. For Luis (Rowan) I could only choose another member of the Rosaceae family.

Huathe (Hawthorn) and Coll (Hazel) proved more difficult to match-make and so I did a little research on ‘Australian thorn bushes’ and ‘Australian nut trees’ .. here is my alternative for this month’s tree – Huathe ..

Photo By Krzysztof Ziarnek, Kenraiz

Acacia paradoxa – this is a large shrub which grows up to 3 metres in height and width with a dense foliage and spiny branches.

Widespread across Australia it makes excellent hedging and provides dwelling and shelter for small birds such as wrens.

It flowers in fluffy yellow balls which can be cooked and eaten in fritters. Other common names include: Prickly Wattle, Hedge Wattle and Paradox Acacia.

Wishing you ALL a Very Happy Month ahead! 🙂

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